Co-creating bridges - with Teams

Every executive board of a for-profit company, of an NGO or any other association has experienced it: All team members are quite intelligent and have sufficient technical expertise. And yet, they often struggle to pull in the same direction, value their strengths of the past and at the same time embrace what new members bring to the team. Different personalities, hidden agendas, inherited legacies are all realities in any social group - hence also in top management teams, perhaps even more so due to the immense pressure. Every strategy process, every management decision and every transformation process happens in that context, even though we believe that “we are so objective and professional”.

Beside the facilitation of boards and other top management teams (often for 12-18 months after on-boarding or before an "exit"), we also orchestrate multi-stakeholder transformation processes (with strategy off-sites, large-group interventions, conceptual sprints, conflict mediation and more). When doing this, we focus on bottom-line results by integrating the psycho-social dimension - without overrating it (as traditional coaches tend to do), but also without denying it (as traditional strategy consultants frequently do).


Examples for what we do:

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