Since 2005, we regularly bring together people from the various filter bubbles in our society - to have fun, but also to question beloved certainties, for example in "Collaborative Dialogue Forums for Plural Democracy" (2014-2017) and “In which society do we want to live in?” (2018).


This practice taught us to appreciate even more the importance of these fundamental exercises in self-awareness and meta-reflection and led us to the development of a series of “Bridge Salons on Social Sustainability: (Post-)Heroic Leadership of Organisations, Societies and Ourselves" for 2020/21.


But just like everyone else, current events also affected our planning and demanded postponement . At the same time we realise everyday anew that “Corona” is making the topics originally planned even more relevant: The extent of citizens’ demand to have their own basic rights restricted by heroically acting leaders exceeds even our expectations. Since “9/11”, the sophisticated weighing of ethical dilemmas has been progressively and ubiquitously replaced by categorical imperatives, popular outrage, and populist war rhetoric.


Following the requests of many participants, we will therefore conduct an additional series of short “Mini-Salons: (Post-) Heroic Corona Dialogues”. Of course virtually, but (as always with us) more interactive than usual video conferences of which we all are having far too many anyway right now.