Since 2005, we regularly bring together people from the various filter bubbles in our society - to have fun, but also to question beloved certainties, for example in "Collaborative Dialogue Forums for Plural Democracy" (2014-2020) and “In which society do we want to live in?” (2018).


This practice taught us to appreciate even more the importance of these fundamental exercises in self-awareness and meta-reflection and led us to the development of a series of
“Bridge Salons 2020/21 on Social Sustainability: (Post-)Heroic Leadership of Organisations, Societies and Ourselves".


In April/May 2020, we hosted an extra series of (virtual) Mini Salons on: "How can we as citizens increase our society's capabilities to deal with uncertainty?". Independent of the content, we identified a couple of success factors why those “Mini Salons” were very different to other video conferences out there. 


All salon conversations of the last years inspired our thinking and led to the 
"Manifesto: Citizen Skills Matter" and to "20 (Soft) Citizen Hacks".


“Bridge Salons“ on Social Sustainability
(Post-)Heroic Leadership of Organisations, Ecosystems, Societies and Ourselves