Thinking bridges

We do consider ourselves to be a "think tank" which addresses future challenges of human beings, organisations, and society long before this becomes conventional wisdom. We engage regularly in inter-disciplinary research projects and are not committed to only one or a few schools of thought (which might sometimes be perceived as impertinent for the "intellectual silos" in academia). Our client work directly benefits from these research results which are as well published and used when we act as speakers.


Keynote Speeches

"10 years after the hype started: How to integrate VUCA into management practice?" (2017)

"The power of doubt as a source of orientation during times of radical change" (2017)

"Why 'digital transformation' after all still is about the 'transformation' of social systems" (2016)

“Design thinking principles and orthodox finance capitalism: A structural mis-fit” (2015)

"Democracy Under Siege – Corporate managers are to be blamed as well: Companies could benefit from an increase of their ‘democratic’ competencies” (2014)

"Post-heroic leadership: When top managers stop blocking necessary changes in their company" (2011)

"The Hunt for Purpose – Why companies often address the entirely wrong issues” (2011)

"Certainty – A collective fetish of managerial elites: And how business schools leverage their incestuous thinking”  (2009)

"Careerism and opportunism of managerial elites" (research project, 2008)

"Social responsibility beyond CSR programmes and other letters of indulgence" (2007)

„Politically incorrect thoughts on development aid and (post) colonialism“ (2007)

"The dark side of entrepreneur personalities" (research project, 2006)

Citizen Skills Matter!


"Executive sparring: More than coaching" (2005)

"Damit das Leader-Ship nicht untergeht - Anmerkungen zur Personalauswahl in der und für die Zukunft" (2004, in German)

"'Hard' and 'soft' forms of corporate consulting - Two entirely separate markets" (2003)