"On-boarding Boards and Top Teams"

Successful placements of C-level positions often fail only at first glance due to an alleged “non-performance” of the new hire. Instead, typical reflexes of repulsion by the established, receiving team are doing the works. Those could be actively managed, minimised and turned into value by explicitly integrating newcomers. More and more supervisory boards and CEOs have realised that the “paradigm of heroic leadership by individuals” destroys actual value and therefore they invest consciously and pro-actively in strengthening their top teams.


Target Groups: All top teams that have been chosen to co-operate over a significant period of time (e.g. executive boards)


Typical Situations: Either following the recruitment of new team/board members or at the starting point of a newly assembled top team


Duration: 1 ½ days (“off-site”), then ”half-day sessions” every 3-6 months



  • Role clarification, “groupthink” immunisation by strengthening self-perception and team-reflection, handling of conflict patterns
  • “Systemic Group dynamics 2.0”: Immersing “hard” and “soft” methods based on latest top team research
  • Integration of “executive media training” elements
  • How to handle paradoxical situations and diversity productively

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