Being bridges

Since 2003, we are a social business and share the conviction that in order to develop truly sustainable solutions for the future, individual people, organisations and society as a whole more than ever need to understand the bigger picture of the world around them – across disciplines. It is our purpose to bring people and ideas together who would not meet productively in an increasingly fragmented world. Therefore, we are conscious border crossers between different worlds and filter bubbles and continuously educate ourselves in various disciplines.


Our pragmatic approach beyond ideologies is guided by a clear mindset: Our  core beliefs (“Haltung”) and principles need to be also shared by our clients in order for us to be successful together. Consequently, we have developed a consistent „life and business model“ to be – unlike typical professional service firms – radically independent and agile. Just one example: Since for us mutual trust is indispensable, our clients can terminate the collaboration with us at any moment with no cost whatsoever. 


Our work space is a main deck of unconventional thinking and acting in the heart of Frankfurt and Europe.


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