"Top Team Strategy Reflection"

We regularly facilitate strategy retreats with top teams making them more effective both internally (working with each other) and externally performing as one team.


How long? 1 ½ - 2 days (“off-site”)


How many participants? 3-12


For whom? For top management teams, executive/supervisory boards (also of NGOs), partners of law firms, etc.


Typical Objectives:

  • Agile strategy development and integrated strategy implementation (with bottom-up "learning loops")
  • Multi-stakeholder involvement (e.g. for smooth inter-generational hand-over)
  • “Groupthink” immunisation by strengthening self-perception and team-reflection processes

Multi-methods foundation (examples):

  • Group dynamics 2.0: Immersing “hard” and “soft” methods based on latest top team research
  • “Design thinking” for strategic management
  • Integration of “executive media training” elements
  • How to handle paradoxical situations and diversity productively
  • Conflict mediation
  • Strict multi-partiality of the facilitators