"Joint leadership Coaching & Sparring"

When two (or more) managers join forces to collectively fill a (top) management role as a "Joint Leadership Tandem", they are already convinced of the potential of this leadership model:


Higher performance, mutual back-up, true diversity, dealing better with uncertainty and ambiguity, lived social sustainability, practiced feedback culture... Hence, much of what is often missing in "standard management jobs"!


At the same time, the "Joint Leadership Team" typically clashes with a corporate culture which is not used to have more than a single hero at the top...


In order to avoid problems to occur only then, it is good practice for "Joint Leadership Teams" to have external sparring partners along the process: Before starting, while collaborating (to continuously calibrate and learn) and at the end to secure lessons learned for themselves and for their organisation.


Our multi-method „Joint Leadership Coaching & Sparring“ allows to handle "hard" and "soft" topics holistically and sustainably.