Raphael Kassner


First, I was drawn to art. More precisely: To understand what it means to be human, how society works (and unfortunately more and more: how it doesn't). The theatre, as a genuine place of co-creation, became for me both a space of knowledge and an ideal playground. What a privilege! And yet, in the long run, another aspect became increasingly important: The joy and challenge of accompanying people in development and change processes. In this context, many years of theatre work have taught me one thing above all: Authentic presentation - as well as sustainable change - only happens when it is understood in the mind, anchored in the body and connected with the emotions. "You need to live your changing" - on all levels!


Or in other words: I studied cultural studies in Berlin and Hildesheim and contemporary dance in Amsterdam. Various engagements as actor, dancer, musician and theatre director finally led to a permanent position as theatre pedagogue and dramatic advisor at a large city theatre. More than a decade ago and after an interlude on a Swiss cow pasture, I embarked on an exciting journey as a freelance director and theatre educator, developing and staging plays with amateurs and professionals alike and giving workshops in companies and educational institutions. In recent years, the focus of my work has increasingly shifted to facilitating and supporting people and organizations in change processes, even though theatre continues to be my professional home. 


My view on people is unreserved and potential-oriented, which often proves to be a stroke of luck, especially in contexts seemingly remote from the arts. I am convinced that real change can only come from a willingness to venture into the unfamiliar and to risk the adventure, and that change must begin with the individual before it can manifest itself in a structure.