Being Bridges

Since 2003, it is our purpose to bring people and ideas together that would not meet in an increasingly fragmented world. We are convinced that the differentiation in ever smaller expert silos in the sciences and in all areas of life has unfortunately led to less big picture understanding and appreciation for systemic solutions. We have therefore developed a holistic and sustainable approach for the „facilitation“ of leadership teams and transformation processes in companies, politics, and civil society. In order to do this, we must be border crossers between different worlds and filter bubbles and  ... more

Co-creating Bridges

Impactful external support of organisations and management teams requires a deep understanding of different disciplines and the ability to mix different elements to a tailor-made composition. Others call this approach systemic or complementary consulting, design thinking or agile management. In our practice... more


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Thinking Bridges

We do consider ourselves to be a "think tank" which addresses future challenges of human beings, organisations, and society long before this becomes conventional wisdom. We engage regularly in inter-disciplinary research projects and are not committed to only one or a few schools of thought... more


 Speeches and papers


Since 2005, we regularly bring together people from the various filter bubbles in our society - to have fun, but also to question beloved certainties, for example... more