Only 15% of developed strategies are also getting implemented and are actually lived later on in the daily work routines! This devastating empirical evidence has been holding true for 25 years for basically all mid-size to large companies almost everywhere.  We help to increase this “strategy conversion rate” by

  1. more holistic strategy development
  2. less conflict evoking strategy communication
  3. more sustainable strategy implementation


"Organisational Facilitation":

  • Milestone facilitation of the “top team” (as the No. 1 critical success factor) and other key stakeholders in the organisation (typically for 9-18 months)
  • “Design thinking” and co-creation by an internal team (“turning wheel”)
  • Development of pragmatic roadmaps based on the organisation’s reality (and a “systemic architecture” as conceptual framework)
  • “Agile director’s work”: Orchestrating various types of content, methods and stakeholders intelligently like a theatre director
  • If helpful: Utilisation of dialogue workshops and similar visual-based formats (with us being pioneers for that in Europe since 1997)
  • “Culture and post-heroic leadership together eat strategy for breakfast!”


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