"Cultural and Systemic Due Diligence"

Today’s “due diligence” process prior to acquisitions still looks pretty much the same as 20 or 30 years ago even though various empirical studies have shown that many of the set assumptions have systemically failed to materialise. Apart from the interests of all stakeholders for making particular assumptions look better than they are, this also stems from the rather technocratic due diligence procedures often used by sheer habit. We support both buyer and seller sides to bring their respective assessments of the company value to a new quality level.


Target Groups: Private equity, family offices, corporate M&A


Value Added:

  • Goal-oriented and independent facilitation of the final valuation meetings of the various technical experts
    (“legal”, “finances”, “commercial”, etc.)
  • Contribution of additional assessments of (often underestimated) systemic and cultural opportunities and risks of an organisation
  • Utilisation of latest research from various academic disciplines and multi-disciplinary methods


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