Being Bridges

Since 2003, it is our purpose to bring people and ideas together that would not meet in an increasingly fragmented world. We are convinced that the differentiation in ever smaller expert silos in the sciences and in all areas of life has unfortunately led to less big picture understanding and appreciation for systemic solutions. We have therefore developed a holistic and sustainable approach for the „facilitation“ of leadership teams and transformation processes in companies, politics, and civil society. In order to do this, we must be border crossers between different worlds and filter bubbles and continuously educate ourselves in the art and craft of various disciplines. Our approach is „open source“: We love to share our knowledge and have consciously decided against founding an institute, against licence fees and against any form of scaling our business.


Our pragmatic approach beyond ideologies is guided by a clear mindset: We only work with clients who share our core beliefs (“Haltung”) and principles and who want to overcome the dysfunctional relationship patterns of the standard consulting and coaching markets. In order to allow for a radically independent partnership at eye level, we start with a leap of faith from our side and mirror this in all commercial arrangements – unlike typical professional service firms with their „hierarchical pyramid“. Since our „business model“ and our „life model“ are consistent, we can credibly live by example and choose those clients with a fit. We are a „social business“ and allocate at least a third of our time and revenues into non-commercial activities around strengthening social sustainability in all regions of our planet.






Raphael Kassner


"Oakland Bay Bridge"

Jochen O. Keinath


"Glienicker Brücke"

Christian Langen



Torsten Weber



Katharina Wiench



Work Space

A few years ago, we instantly fell in love with the “Europahaus”, located directly next to Frankfurt’s central railway station. Since its reconstruction 1950 the front building has been home to numerous peltmongers and skinners and became the world’s central “furrier trade center” in the 1970/80s. Our artisanal surroundings are a daily reminder to us that any type of knowledge work foremost needs to serve the world and benefit its people instead of satisfying (materialistic) desires of individuals.


We invite everyone to enjoy our inspiring surroundings to be creative and to develop new ideas (together with us). Civil rights groups are welcome to use our work-space free of charge.